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Article VII

National Grid submitted an application to the New York State Public Service Commission (PSC) for a Certificate of Environmental Compatibility and Public Need under Article VII of the State Public Service Law on November 6th, 2023. The Article VII process involves an evaluation of all potential impacts from the project and includes a detailed environmental assessment. Other agencies, like the Department of Agriculture and Markets, the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC), and the Office of Parks, Recreation, and Historic Preservation, are entitled to become parties to the Article VII process.


Once the project is certified under Article VII, National Grid will submit its Environmental Management and Construction Plan (EM&CP) to the PSC. The EM&CP includes best practices for construction as well as the project's final design.

After the EM&CP is approved, the New York State Department of Public Service (DPS) will issue a Notice to Proceed with Construction. The community, including affected landowners, will receive a Construction Commencement Notice before the start of construction.

Public Involvement and Comment

The permitting process includes opportunities for public involvement and comments from permitting through construction. To contact National Grid with a question or comment, please email or call (585) 440-0446.

How to Become a Party:

Interested persons who wish to participate as parties in this case may file a request for party status. This may be done through the Commission's website. From the home page of the Commission's website (, a prospective party should click on "Search." On the Search page, the "Search by Case Number" box should be filled in with the number for this case (Case 23-T-0660). This will bring the user to the main Document and Matter Management ("DMM") page for this case. On that page, the prospective party should click the button at the upper right labeled "Request for Party Status" to see a web page with instructions for the procedures to follow to make a request to become a party. A request to become a party to this case can be filed anytime while the case remains open with the Commission.