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Gas Transportation Nominations

Marketers are required to use the Electronic Bulletin Board to make their monthly nominations. The EBB provides information such as OFO's and nomination confirmations. 

Nomination Tips

Supplier must make SERVICE-SPECIFIC nominations (not customer-specific).

For example:  ABC Supplier serves Daily and Non-Daily customers off Algonquin. On Day 1 Supplier plans to deliver 55 MMBtu for Daily and 100 MMBtu for Non-Daily on Algonquin contract #112233. The nomination should be as follows:

Receipt Meter # Upstream K# P/L Shipper Service Type Volume
32 112233 ABC Supplier Daily 55
32 112233 ABC Supplier Non-Daily 100


Please note: The last nominated volume carries through to the end of the month, unless BGC, CGC, EGC, or ENO is notified otherwise. It is imperative that you include monthly totals on your nomination forms. The monthly total should include the last nominated volume carried through to the end of the month. Also, in order for National Grid to quickly identify those volumes which are changing each day, you must identify them in some fashion that is easily recognizable (i.e. bold, change font, italicize, etc.).

For balancing purposes, nominations on each pipeline are aggregated to the pipeline level by service type on all days except those days, which the Delivering pipeline requires point specific balancing. Each LDC will sum ALL daily and non-daily nominations respectively and compare the ONE TOTAL against either TOTAL usage or TOTAL ATV to determine Supplier’s daily imbalance for each service type.

Daily Service Suppliers may nominate to reconcile imbalances accumulated within a given month. All make-up nominations are subject to the Company’s approval. Make-up nominations are at a pipeline level (either AGT or TGP), but in order to process the request, volumes must be nominated at any one receipt point on the respective pipeline. Please submit make-up nominations using the Daily Service Make-up Nomination Form attached and select the appropriate Company.

Pursuant to the Terms and Conditions of Daily Transportation Receipt Service and Non-Daily Transportation Receipt Service, Suppliers may deliver gas for certain Customers’ accounts at Distrigas’ tailgate interconnection with Boston Gas. Customers eligible to receive volumes at this Alternate Designated Receipt Point are those whose Designated Receipt Point is one of the following:

Algonquin Meters Tennessee Meters
Everett (#27) Arlington (#20115)
Wellesley (#74) Revere (#20116)
Ponkapoag (#52) Lexington (#20192)
Polaroid (#80) Reading (#20136)
Medford (#89) Burlington (#20341)
Waltham (#32) Lynn (#20117)
Weston (#57) Lynnfield (#20343)


ALL VOLUMES DELIVERED TO THE DISTRIGAS TAILGATE MUST BE NOMINATED AT THE DISTRIGAS TAILGATE. When nominating volumes at the tailgate to displace pipeline deliveries you must use the meter, contract, and shipper information below to complete your nomination form.

Pipeline being displaced Meter # Contract # Shipper
AGT 10001 A0001 DOMAC
TGP 22222 T0001 DOMAC


BGC follows a confirmation process with Distrigas, similar to that required by AGT and TGP. BGC MUST be able to confirm volumes exactly as they are nominated. For example, if a Supplier nominates volumes at Meter #27 on AGT and volumes are actually being delivered at the Distrigas tailgate, then the nomination at #27 on AGT will not be confirmed. BGC will notify Suppliers if nominated volumes cannot be confirmed as submitted.