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Become an Approved Supplier

If you have any questions about completing these forms, please contact Konica Shandal at or Greg Accardo at

Please email separate scanned copies of each document to Konica Shandal, with Greg Accardo copied.

Prospective supplier must first obtain approval from the following entities:

Copies of approval letters from both entities must be emailed to National Grid with the rest of the required documents described below.

One-Bill Option

If you are interested in having National Grid perform consolidated billing services., then please also email separate scanned copies of the following documents:

Prospective suppliers should review Article 5, specifically Sections 5.4 and 5.5, "ESCO Covenants and Obligations", of the agreement prior to submitting.

In addition, the prospective suppler will need to submit a UCC Debtor Lien Search, conducted in the state where they are registered.

Once all the required documents have been collected, National Grid will schedule EDI testing and complete all other steps required for final approval. National Grid will work with the supplier and the supplier’s EDI provider to schedule and conduct testing.