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Become an Approved Gas Supplier

If you have any questions about completing these forms, please contact Konica Shandal at or Greg Accardo at

Please email separate scanned copies of each document to Konica Shandal, with Greg Accardo copied.

Prospective supplier must obtain PSC approval prior to applying to become an approved gas supplier with National Grid.

The PSC approval letter must be emailed to National Grid along with the rest of the required documents described in the subsequent steps.

Prospective supplier must submit a completed copy of the National Grid Application form, signed by a company officer.

Application for Authorization to act as an Energy Service Company for the SupplierSelect Program

NAESB Form – which is titled "Base Contract for Sale and Purchase of Natural Gas

There are two options regarding the NAESB form depending upon the relationship that the prospective supplier wishes to establish with National Grid. See below for a description of the options and corresponding forms.

OPTION 1: A supplier who is only interested in participating in Gas Retail Access must submit the following form, and they must not check the box "Special Provisions":

OPTION 2: A supplier who is interested in participating in Gas Retail Access and buying or selling gas to National Grid must submit the "NAESB for Special Provisions" form, which has the box "Special Provisions" already checked. In addition, the supplier must submit the special provisions addendum as well.

The name of the entity on the NAESB form must match the name on the application as well as any approval documents provided by the NYS PSC.

Pool Management

A prospective supplier who plans on having a third party manage their gas pool will need to submit a completed copy of the Pool Operator Agreement. National Grid will grant access to a third party to manage a supplier’s gas pool based on the completed Pool Operator Agreement.

The third party must not be listed as a contact on the NAESB contract. The NAESB contract is between Niagara Mohawk Power Corp d/b/a National Gird and the approved gas supplier. All notifications will be between these two entities.

Capacity Release

A prospective supplier who serves customers in a monthly balanced pool will receive, from National Grid, all capacity that has been allocated to those customers. If the supplier plans on having their capacity released to a third party, then that party must be listed in the appropriate spot in the addendum at the end of the agreement. Note: If a supplier is using a Pool Operator and releasing capacity to a third party, they will only need to submit a Capacity Release Agreement.


To avoid NYS sales tax charges, when applicable, a prospective supplier must submit one completed and signed copy of the New York State "Resale Certificate" ST-120 form.

Payments to Suppliers

National Grid will pay all credits due a supplier via ACH. In order to be properly set up for these payments, the prospective supplier must submit one signed copy of the ACH Authorization form, the Approved Supplier Enrollment form their most recent W-9 form.

Consolidated Billing and Purchase of Receivables

This is the option by which National Grid will perform consolidated billing services. Attached is the Agreement for Billing Services and for the Purchase of Gas Accounts Receivable. Prospective suppliers should review Article 5, specifically Sections 5.4 and 5.5, "ESCO Covenants and Obligations", and then submit a signed copy.

The prospective supplier will also need to submit a signed copy of the Amendment to Agreement for Billing Services and for the Purchase of Gas Accounts Receivable.

In addition, the prospective suppler will need to submit a UCC Debtor Lien Search, conducted in the state where they are registered.

EDI Testing

All prospective suppliers must successfully complete EDI testing. Pursuant to this, suppliers must complete and submit signed copies of each of the following forms.

Once all the required documents have been collected, National Grid will schedule EDI testing and complete all other steps required for final approval. National Grid will work with the supplier and the supplier’s EDI provider to schedule and conduct testing.

After successfully completing EDI testing, the supplier will be asked to submit a list of prospective customers that constitutes a minimum annual load of 50,000 therms. The 50,000 therms load requirement applies separately to each pool type (Daily Balancing, and Monthly Balancing) offered by the supplier.

National Grid’s Monthly Balancing Service is designed around and offered in conjunction with Dominion Transmission Inc.'s Delivery Point Operator and City Gate Swing Customer Program. To become approved for this program, a prospective supplier must contact DTI at 1-800-895-8899.

Once all of the above requirements have been met (including DTI approval), National Grid’s Supplier Services Department will notify the PSC that the supplier is being placed on "National Grid’s Approved Energy Supplier List" and that the supplier is now eligible to participate in the SupplierSelect Program. Supplier Services will reach out to the supplier to obtain the information that the supplier would like to have posted on the website.

The supplier will be issued a User ID and Password that will enable the supplier to utilize the website functions. The National Grid Energy Market Center is located at:

Learn more about the National Grid Energy Market Center
Any questions regarding the User ID and/or Password should be directed to Donna Laura at (516) 545-2630 or at or Jessica Thomas at (516) 545-5748 or at

One-Bill Option—This is the option to have National Grid perform consolidated billing services. Attached for your review is the Agreement for Billing Services and for the Purchase of Gas Accounts Receivable. Please review Article 5, specifically Sections 5.4 and 5.5, "ESCO Covenants and Obligations". Please contact Joe Scibelli at 516-545-2646 to complete the required information and to obtain an executable version of the agreement.