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Become an Approved Supplier

There are four steps to become an approved energy supplier / broker:

The Supplier is required to obtain approval from the Massachusetts Department of Telecommunications and Energy.

Once approved by the Regulator, the Supplier will appear on the Regulators website and he may now begin the approval process with National Grid. To do so, the Supplier must contact contact Konica Shandal at and copy Greg Accardo at

Once received, National Grid will review the documents for completeness. If complete, EDI testing will commence.

Currently, there are no Billing Service Agreements in New England, but any ESCO that serves a Daily Balanced pool, which must receive Standard Pass-Through Billing, must meet creditworthiness standards. If the standards are not met, then a security deposit is calculated. For New England (KEDNE), the standard and method of calculation are specified by item 24.3 of the "Distribution Service Terms and Conditions" of the MDTE No. 4 Tariff.