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Customer Claims

Our Claims Department responds to all claims against National Grid and its companies for property damage, bodily injury, or business loss caused by the Company, its employees, or contractors.

There are three ways to file a claim:

  1. Fastest and most secure: Apply Online

  2. Email the claim form(En Español) and supporting documentation to

  3. Mail the claim form (En Español) and supporting documentation to

    National Grid
    ATTN: Claims Department
    55 Bearfoot Road
    Northboro, MA 01532

The Claims Department can be reached by email at or by calling 315-428-6536.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. You can submit a claim online or by email or mail. We recommend submitting online as it is the fastest and easiest way.
  2. Once we receive your claim, one of our claim representatives will be assigned. If more information is needed, they will reach out to you via email or phone.
  3. Our claims representative will investigate each case to determine the underlying facts around the claim.
  4. Claims are evaluated individually, and the claims representative will communicate the outcome to the customer. We will issue a claim payment by mail in the form of a check for any settlement reached.
  5. If the claim was caused by a contractor working for National Grid, we will refer the claim to the responsible contractor for handling. National Grid’s claims representative will remain a point of contact for the claim.

National Grid will reimburse for injuries, damages, or losses due to service interruptions or service defects if it is determined that it was caused by National Grid’s actions or negligence.

National Grid will not reimburse for injuries, damages, or losses due to service interruptions or service defects (1) induced by wind, ice, lightning, floods, storms, and other such phenomena; or (2) arising from causes beyond National Grid’s control. Such claims are not individually investigated and are rejected under the premise that they are associated with events or conditions that are beyond the National Grid’s control. Damages arising from a claimant’s failure to make repairs and minimize losses will not be reimbursed.

You can check your status by emailing us at or by calling 315-428-6536 with your claim number.

Our goal is to communicate a decision as quickly as possible after receiving all the supporting documentation. However, for more complex claims, it may require additional time.

Depending on the claim, the documents our team needs can vary. For property damage, please include written repair bill or estimate and photos for each damaged item. If items are not repairable, enclose a statement from a repairman stating the cost to repair them would exceed the cost to replace them along with a copy of the original purchase receipt or a written estimate of the replacement cost. Depreciation is taken on replacement items as warranted.

If you encounter difficulties providing all the required documentation, we encourage you to submit whatever information you have. Our claims representatives can work closely with you throughout the process to review your claim.

National Grid reserves the right to request an inspection of damaged property or items. However, we do encourage parties filing a claim to mitigate their own damages as needed.

We encourage you to submit your claim as soon as possible. All applicable state statutes of limitations do apply.

If coverage is available, you have the option to file the claim with your insurance company and they may reimburse you for your losses. If you decide to file a claim with your insurance company, there is no need to file another claim with National Grid. We would work directly with your insurer to determine the responsibility of the damages.