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US Leadership

At National Grid, we are committed to building a company that is always there for its customers, employees and shareholders. Our leadership team cares about our communities and appreciates your input. If you have feedback or a concern that has not been resolved through normal customer service channels, please use the link to your right to contact leadership.

Badar Khan
Interim President, National Grid, US 

Jeannette Mills
SVP, Safety, Health, Environmental & Assurance 

Vivienne Bracken
Chief Procurement Officer 

John Bruckner
President, NY 

Mike Calviou
SVP, Strategy & Regulation 

Dan Davies
Chief Transformation Officer 

Keith Hutchison
SVP, US HR & Chief Diversity officer 

Chris Kelly
Interim COO Electric and US Chief Engineer & Network Solutions 

Gregg Knight
Chief Customer Officer 

Cordi O'Hara
COO, US Gas Business 

Steve Olive
Chief Information Officer 

Marcy Reed
President, MA & EVP Policy & Social Impact 

Peggy Smyth
Chief Financial Officer 

Terry Sobolewski
President, RI 

Keri Sweet-Zavaglia
SVP & US General Counsel 

Michael West
SVP, Corporate Affairs US 

Rudy Wynter
President & COO, Wholesale Networks & US Capital Delivery