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Over the extended Memorial Day weekend, from May 22 through May 27, some of our regular services and bill payment options will be temporarily unavailable due to a system update.  As always, we’ll continue to respond to gas and electric emergencies 24 hours a day. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Automated Meter Reading

We now provide the majority of our customers with automated meter reading (AMR). With AMR, we’re able to read your meter using very short-range radio frequencies collected in our vans as we drive down your street. This way we get a 100 percent accurate reading without even having to set foot on your property, and you don’t have to worry about reporting your own readings anymore.

Most residential and some business customers now have AMR meters installed.

Yes, AMR is available for both electric and gas in the regions where we provide those services.

We no longer need access for regular billing purposes. We still need access for inspections that are required by law and as part of the regular replacement of meters as they age. We will also need access to physically turn on or turn off your service and in response to any suspected problems with meters.

We would like to keep your keys in case we need to access your meter for any of these reasons:

  • To perform an inspection that is required by law or as part of the regular replacement of meters as they age.
  • To physically turn on or turn off your service.
  • To respond to any suspected problems with your meter.

However, if you want your keys returned, please contact us and we will certainly honor your request.

No, the AMR equipment operates at very low levels, comparable to radio waves already present in the environment. All equipment has been designed to operate within state and federal safety standards.

No, the system operates at a low-power frequency reserved for this purpose and will not interfere with any other equipment.

We read your meter automatically each month, so there is no reason for you to report your reading for regular billing. However, if you are connecting and disconnecting service, or have billing concerns such as high charges, you may call in a reading at  1-888-932-0301.

We do use estimates for connecting and disconnecting service. There may also be rare other occasions, such as those involving severe weather or equipment failure, when an estimated reading is necessary.