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Frequently Asked Questions

We are responsible for routine trimming around our high-voltage wires to maintain reliable services to our customers.

Homeowners are responsible for trimming tree branches near the low voltage service drop to their individual homes. Many customers choose to remove these trees to reduce the risk that their tree may damage their home or electric service.

We are available to work closely with your contractor to make the area safe for tree trimming or tree removal. In some cases, rubber sleeves can be placed over service wires. In other cases, it is necessary for us to temporarily disconnect your service lines from your home so that your contractor can safely trim or remove trees.

Please call Customer Service at 1-800-642-4272 to report any damage.

We are responsible for trimming around high-voltage electric wires. Our forestry professionals assess each customer's situation and will trim trees and branches that pose a risk to our high-voltage electric wires. If a cycle trim for an area is scheduled, your trimming may occur at a later date. If the tree poses a risk to your individual service drop, your telephone or cable wires, please understand that we are not responsible for trimming those trees/branches.

We use directional pruning in accordance with accepted national standards to prevent trees from coming into contact with high-voltage wires. We apologize that while the tree’s appearance is compromised, the procedure promotes tree health and is only conducted to preserve public safety and prevent power outages.

All tree work in the proximity of overhead electric facilities should be completed by individuals trained to recognize the hazards of working near energized lines.

If you need tree work near overhead electric lines on your property, ask your contractor if his/her employees receive such training. If not, we can arrange the needed services, and may charge you and/or your contractor for the service provided. Tree removals and trimming near service lines to your property should be done by an electric-qualified tree contractor who employs workers specifically trained to work within 10 feet of electrical hazards.

If hazards to your service are present or you are planning to trim or remove trees near high-voltage wires, you may request that we disconnect your service entrance wire temporarily from your home for your contractor.

Please contact Customer Service at 1-800-642-4272 at least five days in advance of the work. A forestry department representative will visit your property to assess the potential for any safety hazards or outage risks.