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Turnkey EV Charging Installation Program

For qualifying residential Massachusetts electric customers

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Charge Faster and Reduce Charging Costs

The Turnkey program provides an up-front rebate towards the cost of the installation work needed to support a hard-wired level 2 EV charger in your parking area. No need to apply for a rebate! Only customers on the Discount Rate (R-2) are eligible for funding towards a compatible level 2 charger.  Please see incentive levels below.

Customers residing in an Environmental Justice area or on the Discount Rate Code (R-2) will have the work completed by an electrician through our designated vendor. As an added benefit of participating in this program, we will help you enroll in our Off-Peak Charging Program - reducing your electricity costs for charging your electric vehicle.

If you’ve already installed a 240v outlet and/or level 2 charging station (EVSE) at your home, please apply to the Residential EV Charging Upgrade Program to receive your rebate.

How it works

Step 1

Request Proposal
Our qualified installers will provide you with a project proposal applying the rebate directly to the cost of the project.

Step 2

Review and accept the project proposal.

Step 3

National Grid will provide the electrician and our approved vendor will complete the installation.

Incentive Levels for Turnkey Installation

Environmental Justice Community Customers (EJC) Single Family Home: Up to $1000 Wiring Upgrade
EJC 2-4 Unit Home: Up to $2000 Wiring Upgrade
Discount Rate (R2) Customer Single Family Home: Up to $1000 wiring upgrade. Up to $700 for an EVSE.
Discount Rate (R2) Customer 2-4 unit home: Up to $2000 wiring upgrade. Up to $700 for an EVSE.


  • Customers must be Massachusetts electric customers on the Discount Rate (R-2) or live in an Environmental Justice Community and live in single-family or 2-4 unit homes.
  • Landlords that own a property meeting the above criteria are eligible for upgrades at that property.
  • Customers living in a single-family home must own or lease an EV to participate.
  • Qualifying expenses for the wiring upgrade rebate are the labor, materials, and applicable permitting costs to install a 208 Volt or 240 Volt electrical circuit of 30 Amps or more to a location suitable for electric vehicle charging.
  • Newly constructed homes located in municipalities that have adopted the Board of Building Regulations and Standards Stretch Code are not eligible for Wiring Upgrade Rebates.
  • Customers are limited to one Wiring Upgrade Rebate per electric account.
  • Customers are required to enroll in the no-cost Off-Peak Charging Program.
  • Applicants are eligible for the enhanced wiring rebate only if the electric vehicle purchase price (MSRP) was $55,000 or less.


Single Family Home and 2-4 Unit Homes connected to the Off Peak Charging Program through vehicle EVSE must be listed on the State Appliance Standards Database for Massachusetts (MA)
If your EV is not compatible with the Off-Peak Charging program, customers can connect to the Off Peak Charging Program through the following Smart Charger models: Eligible EVSE Models:
  • ChargePoint HomeFlex Charger
  • Enel X JuiceBox Model Numbers: 2JBO401RNA-PJWX-200, 2JBO481RNA-HBWX-200, 2JBX481AJ-001, 2JBX401AJ , 2JBX801AJ, 2JBX801AJ-001
  • Wallbox Pulsar Plus


Questions? Please email or call 888-889-7207.

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Massachusetts Residential Turnkey EV Charging Installation Program

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Customers on the low-income discount rate (R-2) or residing in Environmental Justice Community, please upload:
  • New electric vehicles: Purchase and Sale Agreement
  • Used or Leased electric vehicles: Registry of Motor Vehicles' Registration and Title Application (Form TTLREG100_0123), including Section I