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Frequently Asked Questions


The Jamaica Bay East Project is a multiyear effort to replace and upgrade valves and other components of our energy system throughout southern Queens and Brooklyn. These upgrades will allow for greater flexibility and reliability.

This work will consist of excavation, removal and replacement of valves, installation of other components as necessary, and restoration of the effected areas.

We are making investments to upgrade the infrastructure system in your neighborhood to ensure customers receive safe and reliable energy service. This project will build a more reliable system by reinforcing local underground infrastructure.

Yes. Our top priority is the safety of our customers, the general public, our employees and contractors. The professional construction firms we work with also place safety as their top priority.

No. This work will be managed so that service interruption will not be an issue.

Traffic will be impacted during construction in the work area. Our team has developed a Traffic Management Plan that will ensure the safety of the streets on which our work will take place and our work sites and mitigate traffic issues to the greatest extent feasible.

No. As this project will reinforce the existing local infrastructure system, the vast majority of work will take place within established utility corridors.

While our contractors will make efforts to keep disturbance to a minimum, there will undoubtedly be noise associated with this project. Most of that noise will occur while excavation is underway as contractors use heavy equipment to trench ahead of pipe stringing and installation.

Please call our local outreach phone line (347) 408-4027 and speak with a member of our outreach team or email to speak with a member of our outreach team.