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Frequently Asked Questions

National Grid is committed to helping Massachusetts and New York reach their carbon emissions goals. Both states have identified electrification of transportation and specifically electric vehicles as essential to reaching their carbon emissions goals.

Eligible customers are National Grid electric customers with fleet vehicles for commercial purposes. Further eligibility will vary by state and can be found on the Charging Station Program and No-Cost Fleet Advisory Services pages. There is no maximum on the number of vehicles your fleet can convert.

The process of converting your fleet will depend on many factors, such as the frequency of vehicle procurement, market availability of vehicle models that fit your fleet’s need, and the amount of available energy for charging stations at your location. Since these factors vary by fleet, each fleet will convert their fleets at different rates and with different goals in mind, therefore there is not one timeline that fits all fleets.

We have a team dedicated to advancing the adoption of electric vehicles and will be available to support you along the way. Your Fleet Ambassador will be able to offer you a customized timeline to electrification once all information related to your fleet goals is gathered.

Yes, they are really free for eligible customers. In New York, all fleet types are eligible. In Massachusetts, public fleets are eligible (including public transit, including school buses, and government owned fleets).