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Case Studies

Hitachi Energy

The Road to Transportation Decarbonization: Understanding Grid Impacts of Electric Fleets

The electrification of fleet vehicles will be critical in the fight against climate change–and will also reduce local pollution and fleet owners' operating costs. However, the electric grid needs to be ready to support the large needs that fully electric fleets will have.

National Grid and Hitachi Energy partnered on a study to understand what the grid impacts of electric fleets might be. The study considers a specific portion of National Grid’s distribution system, and evaluates the potential charging needs of over 50 fleets in the area, mapping each fleet to a specific circuit on the grid.

The analysis highlights that the grid will likely need to serve significant new loads to support electric medium- and heavy-duty vehicles. The study also includes recommendations for how utilities, policymakers, fleet operators, and communities can work together to make fleet electrification a reality.

For those unable to read the full study, a summary document and infographic is linked below.

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Rhode Island Electrification Factsheet

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Arcadia Wildlife Sanctuary and National Grid’s Take Charge Program Partnership

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