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Program Overview

National Grid is dedicated to reducing greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), improving air quality, and to meeting the decarbonization goals of the states where we operate. Nearly 40% of all GHG emissions in the Northeast come from transportation and therefore, electrification of fleets is a key piece of reducing those emissions.

The goal of the EV Fleet Hub is to make it simple for you to convert your fleet to low carbon alternatives. We'll streamline the process for you and answer questions along the way.

Electrifying your fleet can help you save money, reduce GHG emissions & be an environmental leader. Our program supports you with funding, key information, and 1-on-1 assistance.

Electric Vehicle JourneyLearn about the program.Connect with us by filling out our interest form.Once you submit the connect with us form, you will be matched with a Fleet Ambassador.Check out the electric vehicle benefits

National Grid can help your fleet by:

To be eligible to participate in the National Grid EV Fleet Program, you must:

    • Be a National Grid Electric Customer
    • Have a fleet of five or more vehicles
    • Have a strong willingness to transition diesel or gasoline vehicles to battery electric or plug-in hybrid (hybrid electric vehicles are not eligible for this program). See vehicle descriptions for more information on vehicle types.


Interested? Connect with our Complimentary Fleet Ambassador.