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Fleet Advisory Services Program

National Grid’s Fleet Advisory Service Program offers an assessment that identifies fleet vehicles ready for electrification. The Fleet Advisory Services are available at no-cost to qualifying customers. While these Fleet Advisory Services are available at no-cost, we require the full support of fleet managers for the most successful outcome.   

Massachusetts Fleet Advisory Services Program  

National Grid is offering 100 no-cost Fleet Advisory Services to public transit and government fleets. 

Public Transit customers include: 

  • Public Transit Agencies 
  • School Buses 
  • Head Start Vans and other publicly funded modes of transport for students 
  • Public Universities 

Preference will be given to eligible fleets that serve or operate in Environmental Justice Communities.

National Grid is partnering with ICF to offer the Fleet Advisory Services. To learn more or enroll, visit Fleet Advisory Services.

New York Fleet Assessment Program 

National Grid is offering a no-cost Fleet Assessment Program to any customer type in New York. Please visit the Fleet Assessment Services website to apply.