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Fleet Advisory Services Program

National Grid’s Fleet Advisory Service Program offers an assessment that identifies fleet vehicles ready for electrification. The Fleet Advisory Services are available at no-cost to qualifying customers. While these Fleet Advisory Services are available at no-cost, we require the full support of fleet managers for the most successful outcome.   


National Grid is offering no-cost Fleet Advisory Services to publicly owned fleets. The program assists public fleets with comprehensive advisory services to navigate the complex journey to vehicle electrification, create fleet electrification plans, and estimate total cost of ownership savings.

Public fleet customers include:

  • Public Transit Agencies
  • School Buses
  • Municipalities
  • Federal or State fleets
  • Public Universities

Preference will be given to eligible fleets that serve or operate in Environmental Justice Communities.

National Grid is partnering with ICF to offer Fleet Advisory Services. Please visit the Program website to enroll.

The Fleet EV Off-Peak Charging Program allows customers to earn rebates when charging commercial EVs during designated off-peak times.

The program is available to all fleets, including private and government-owned commercial vehicles.

Additional details coming soon.

To learn about the EV Charging Program and installing charging stations for your fleet visit

New York

National Grid is offering a no-cost Fleet Assessment to any customer type in New York. This Assessment provides site feasibility, rate analysis, estimated billing impacts and related recommendations so National Grid can assist fleets with making informed decisions when transitioning their fleet to electric vehicles. Please fill out this application. Completed applications can be emailed to

Additionally, National Grid provides “make-ready” charging infrastructure incentives to support fleet electrification:

  • Light- Duty Fleets (for Class 1 and 2 fleet vehicle charging) - Sites can receive charging infrastructure funding under the Commercial Make Ready program. That funding provides 50%, 90%, or 100% of the infrastructure funding, depending on eligibility.

  • Medium- and Heavy- Duty Vehicle (MHDV) Pilot Program for Fleets (for Class 3 and higher vehicles) - National Grid will fund a significant portion of the grid-side infrastructure to bring power to the charging station to power electric vehicle fleets.

To learn more about the UNY Electric Vehicle Charging Station Make-Ready Program visit

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