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Receive incentives for decreasing energy use at the right times.

National Grid is committed to reducing peak electric demand on our system, and we need your help. Please join our ConnectedSolutions demand response program. By reducing electric use on request during periods of high energy demand we can reduce emissions, infrastructure costs, and utility prices. For doing your part, you can earn generous incentives.

We have 2 options for commercial and industrial customers, so you can choose the options that are right for you.

  Summer Targeted Dispatch Daily Dispatch
Program Details Reduce your energy usage for a few hours during 2 – 8 periods of high energy demand each summer. Reduce your energy usage for a few hours during about 50 periods of high energy demand each summer.
Incentive $35/kW-Summer $200/kW-Summer
Number of events per year 2 to 8 events 30 to 60 events
Season for events June, July, August, and September June, July, August, and September
Duration of Events 3 hours 2 to 3 hours

Interested? Contact one of our approved Curtailment Service Providers to enroll today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Demand response is when participating customers reduce their electricity usage to help lower the demand for electricity at critical times – during peak periods when energy use is at its highest. The programs help reduce peak-day generator emissions, delay installation of costly utility equipment, and can help reduce the purchase of expensive peak-day energy. Participating customers are eligible for incentives.

National Grid offers demand response programs to residential customers in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Upstate New York, and business customers in Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Upstate New York.

The incentives National Grid pays are based on your performance on ConnectedSolutions events. National Grid will not charge you a penalty if you cannot perform during an event. However, the incentive National Grid pays will be less.

Each of the 3 options – Targeted DispatchWinter Dispatch, and Daily Dispatch – have different number of events. Please visit the webpage for each option to learn more.

Notification is given the day before a peak energy event takes place. If you have a curtailment service provider, they will notify you based on your preference, email, voicemail, and/or text message. If you enrolled directly with National Grid (without a CSP), you will receive an email from National Grid.

Load aggregators, Curtailment Service Providers, and demand response service providers are all names for the same thing—organizations that advise and assist customers in participating in demand response programs like ConnectedSolutions.

Contact one or more of the Curtailment Service Providers listed above to learn about your potential to participate in demand response.