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11:00 am Update: Our 2,800 field workers continue cleanup and repairs after severe thunderstorms and suspected tornadoes barreled through parts of upstate NY Tuesday. We are working with local officials and emergency responders to coordinate restoration efforts. Where it is safe to do so, crews are removing extensive damage – including downed wires, trees, broken poles and other hazards – while focusing on public safety and power restoration. Never touch downed power lines, assume they are carrying live electricity and report them at 1-800-867-5222 or by calling 911.

Hope & Warmth Energy Fund

The Hope & Warmth Energy Fund is administered by HeartShare Human Services of New York and provides emergency financial assistance to customers who have an income above the HEAP eligibility guidelines and are having difficulty paying their energy bills in National Grid’s New York State service area. Eligible customers will receive: if heating account, one $500 grant; if electric only non-heat account who needs electric to operate their heating system, one $205 grant; if hot water and/or cooking only account, one $100 grant during the winter heating season. 

To qualify, an applicant must:


For more information visit: HeartShare Human Services of New York | Energy Assistance & Community Development or call (718) 422-4207.