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From Brockton to North Adams, National Grid is saving energy in your neighborhood.

Whether you live in a renovated loft, are working on a historic fixer-upper, or are building a new home, National Grid is here to help make your home better. Every year, we work with homeowners, renters, and landlords to find energy saving solutions for houses, condominiums, and apartments of all types and sizes. 

Home Energy Checkups

Where is your home wasting energy? We can help you pinpoint problem areas and make recommendations for insulation, air sealing, lighting, appliances, and more.

Heating Your Home

Learn how to save on one of your biggest energy costs with today’s heating, hot water, and thermostat solutions.


Energy efficient lighting cuts your electricity bill and helps your home shine.

Appliances and Electronics

Learn how to retire outdated appliances, purchase new energy saving models, and discover better ways to use electronics.

For Renters and Multifamily Properties

Rent an apartment or condo? We offer savings on light bulbs, advanced power strips, and appliances. Own or manage a  property with 5 or more units? A no-cost energy assessment and incentives may be available.

New Home Construction

Our energy saving solutions can help you build efficiency and comfort into your new home right from the start.


Do you have central AC and have a Nest, Honeywell, or ecobee Wi-Fi thermostat? Join ConnectedSolutions and get paid for reducing energy use during peak times.