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Where can we help you today?

We’re Here to Help!

National Grid understands all the challenges our customers are facing right now and we’re here to help. We will help you maintain your service and energy expenses.  There are several assistance programs available, below are links to help guide you through the process.

HEAP Overview

To apply for Regular HEAP:

    To apply for Emergency HEAP (criteria based on income and number in the household and a utility disconnect notice/emergency)

    • Must receive Regular HEAP and have a disconnect notice –you can apply by telephone (find your local DSS contact)
      • Electric-Only Non-Heating customers whose electric is needed for their heat may be eligible for a Domestic Electric Emergency HEAP grant. Please call your HEAP office to see if you qualify.

      Regular Arrears Supplement Benefit-RAS

      You may apply for the Regular Arrears Supplement benefit with your HEAP Local District Contact.

      HEAP’s Heating Equipment Clean & Tune and Heating Equipment Repair & Replacement Programs:

      HEAP’s Cooling Benefit (air conditioner/fan):

      Energy Assistance Program-EAP Bill credit:

      National Grid’s Energy Affordability Program is automatic with the receipt of HEAP and affords customers a monthly bill credit.