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National Grid has more than 100 years of experience in the energy industry, including 20 years of solar power experience. In the late 1980’s, National Grid installed and interconnected some of the first large-scale solar photovoltaic pilots. This included solar installations on over 30 homes and businesses in Gardner, MA and a 100 kW installation at Beverly High School in Beverly, MA. For the most recent information about interconnections in Massachusetts, visit the Distributed Generation page. In addition, National Grid has administered installation of over 1,700 photovoltaic systems on Long Island, New York. View a technical report about the Gardner, MA installation.

In 2008, Massachusetts launched the “Green Communities Act,” which was designed to help all 351 Massachusetts' cities and towns find clean energy solutions that reduce long-term energy costs and strengthen local economies. This act also permitted utility companies to own and operate up to 35 MW of solar generation. Since then, National Grid has taken full advantage of this opportunity by launching three solar initiatives focused on maximizing the benefits that renewable energy provides to National Grid’s communities and the company’s energy infrastructure. National Grid is committed to being a leading advocate of solar generation in the Northeast, and has taken significant measures to expand Massachusetts' renewable energy infrastructure through these solar programs.

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