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Victory Road - Dorchester

This project is located next to the famous multicolored liquefied natural gas tank. The panels can be easily seen from Route I-93, showing Boston as a city that is serious about its renewable energy goals. This was formerly a manufactured gas plant site, and as a result the land is contaminated and has limited reuse capability, making it ideal for a solar project. This facility was connected to the grid in December 2010.

Victory Road - Dorchester

Environmental Benefits:

Over a 30 year period, this system is expected to save approximately 4,000 pounds of sulfur dioxide, 1,800 pounds of nitrous oxide, and 1.8 million pounds of carbon dioxide. This is equivalent to the emissions produced in generating electricity for 260 average households.


  • Size: 1,250 kW DC
  • 4,466 solar panels on 6 acres of land
  • Powering 171 average US homes